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Reed calls Romney’s rhetoric on Iran “overheated”

March 5, 2012

On the cusp of Super Tuesday, Democratic Senator Jack Reed says GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s characterization of Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons isn’t ready for prime time:

Today, U.S. Senator Jack Reed (D-RI), a senior member of the Armed Services Committee, released the following statement in response to Republican presidential primary candidate Mitt Romney’s misguided assertion that Iran will be able to develop nuclear weapons only if President Obama is re-elected:

“Mitt Romney’s overheated commentary about Iran’s nuclear weapons program runs counter to the assessments of our military leaders and the intelligence community.

“The threat of a nuclear-armed Iran is one of the most pressing national security issues facing our nation and our close ally Israel.  The truth is, President Obama, with bipartisan support from Congress, is committed to preventing Iran from achieving a nuclear weapons capacity and he is using all of the tools of American power — political, economic, and military — to do so.

“Moreover, he has assembled an unprecedented international coalition to confront the Iranian challenge.

“Distorting the President’s position and needlessly dividing Americans on a critical national security question may score political points with some, but it doesn’t serve the national interest.”

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  1. Mister Guy permalink
    March 6, 2012 9:18 am

    Want to almost certainly go to war with Iran? Vote for more GOPers this fall. The choice is pretty clear.

    Iran is no threat to anyone here or in the Middle East. If Iran were ever to develop a nuclear weapon in the future, the Ayatollahs that are *really* in charge there would never allow it to be launched at anyone…because they know that they would be wiped of the face of the Earth. The Iranian Navy & Air Force are basically jokes as well.

    All the heated talk about Iran does is further raise oil & gasoline prices, which, in part, line the Iranians pockets with more money.

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