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Gallup Poll: RI one of U.S. most `liberal’ states

March 9, 2012

This probably comes as no surprise, but Rhode Island is one of the nation’s most liberal states, according to a recent nationwide Gallup public opinion survey. The poll of 185,538 adults nationwide carries an error margin of  one percent.

The Gallup organization asked respondents whether they were liberal or conservative. As is usually the case, conservatives outnumber liberals nationwide. In Rhode Island, liberals make up 29.9 percent of the population aged 18 and older and conservatives make up 29.3 percent.

The most conservative states are in the Old Confederacy and the west. Mississippi rated most conservative, with 50.5 percent stating they are conservative, followed by Idaho (48.5 percent), Alabama (48.3 percent), Wyoming (47.4 percent), Utah (47.3 percent), South Dakota (46.9 percent), Louisiana (46.8 percent), North Dakota (46.7 percent), South Carolina (45.8 percent) and Arkansas  (45.0 percent).

The 10 most liberal states are the District of Columbia (41.1 percent liberal), Vermont (30.5 percent), Rhode Island (29.9 percent), Massachusetts (28.0 percent), Connecticut (26.7 percent), New York (26.6 percent), Oregon (26.3 percent), Colorado (26.0), Washington State (25.9 percent) and New Jersey (24.2 percent).


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  1. Christy permalink
    March 9, 2012 6:38 pm

    It’s interesting that we are so evenly matched between self identified liberals and conservatives. Looks like we are roughly a third liberal and a third conservative — so a third independent? Perhaps we are the most evenly balanced state politically — which would make finding a majority for any particular issue more challenging.

  2. Mister Guy permalink
    March 10, 2012 3:11 am

    These self-identified labels of “liberal”, “conservative”, and “moderate/independent” have been meaningless for quite a while now. Many people live their lives “conservatively” but have what many would consider “liberal” to “moderate” views on many political issues. Pollsters should ask how people feel about specific issues, not on how they self-identify politically. It’s unfortunately easier for many pollsters to simply try & put people into little “bins”. I know many people that fiercely consider themselves as an “independent”, but their views on issues would cause many to label them as otherwise.

  3. March 10, 2012 1:05 pm

    Of course, when it’s a question of a “liberal” issue such as gay marriage, Rhode Island (and it’s state legislature) have proven to be anything but liberal. Rhode Island is lunch-bucket Democrat, blue-collar, working class (hence it’s slow economic turn-around), and can hardly be qualified as a standard-bearer for liberal or even progressive thinking and action, politically or otherwise.

    • Mister Guy permalink
      March 10, 2012 9:16 pm

      Well, RI could have banned gay marriage or civil unions in its state constitution, like many other states did. I agree though that no one is really looking to RI for innovative progressive thinking.

  4. March 10, 2012 9:37 pm

    We may be liberal nationally but oftimes very conservative in local matters. Most people don’t like labels so they either don’t answer or lie to he pollster. As “liberal’ has been a word not terribly in vogue for some time only diehards like me will own up to it. !

    Depending on the issues at hand you get different answers which is prbably why Independent oe “unaffliated” voter registration in RI is higher han the two main parties, as is the case nationally..

    • Mister Guy permalink
      March 12, 2012 7:27 am

      In many states, independent or unaffiliated voters also get to pick & choose which primaries to vote in. In my experience, a lot of people (falsely or naively?) cherish being “independent” as if it means that they always vote their conscience on issues or candidates…like the rest of us don’t…

  5. Bunny West permalink
    September 19, 2012 4:02 am

    I just want to get out of Florida. Full of bigots and racists. Politically I know we voted for Obama but I also remember the mess when Bussh stole the previous election. I really just want to retire to a place that is not so hot all year and be round some friendlier people. The only place i feel comfortable speaking about politics here since my husband died is a home with my dogs who always agree with me.

  6. September 19, 2012 2:55 pm

    Come back to New England!

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