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Cicilline camp decries return of “shadowy right-wing group”

March 15, 2012

In a new email fundraising pitch, Congressman David Cicilline’s campaign manager, Eric Hyers, is pounding the reemergence of Americans for Common Sense Solutions, a group that ran ads against Cicilline in 2010.

The same shadowy right-wing group that aired vile and disgusting ads smearing David in 2010 is back and its leaders are promising to do everything they can to try yet again to tear him down. Among the group’s major backers is a Texas billionaire who gave millions to the Swift Boat campaign that trashed John Kerry’s service record in 2004 and who is now helping to fund Karl Rove’s attacks in races across the country.

This group said after the 2010 election that David should be “looking over his shoulder for the next two years,” and they are gearing up for an all-out assault this campaign. It’s not going to be about the issues or who can best bring jobs to Rhode Island and fight for the middle-class. Instead, they are going to run nasty, deceptive character attacks that insult the intelligence of all of us.

There are some big choice facing Rhode Islanders in this upcoming election and we need to make sure we have the resources to make this race about who will best deliver for Rhode Island.

We need you to get David’s back.

On a related note, Cicilline was spotted lunching today, not far from RIPR world HQ, with former DNC political director Donald Sweitzer, a bigfoot in local political fundraising.

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