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Doherty reverses course; plans to return Ciccone’s contribution

April 4, 2012

Republican congressional candidate Brendan Doherty says he plans to give back $1000 in contributions from state Senator Frank Ciccone:

Beginning as a young trooper and over my three decades of service to the Rhode Island State Police, I have always sought to look at every situation objectively and to consider prudently all facts and circumstances before making a decision.

I am confident that the Barrington police acted with respect and courtesy in this situation, but it has become evident that Senator Ciccone showed very poor judgment and failed to treat the police officers in the same manner. With the benefit of additional information released today by the Barrington police and upon careful reflection on the matter, I am extremely disappointed by the actions of Senator Ciccone and I have directed my campaign to return his contributions.

I call upon all public officials to remember that they represent the people of Rhode Island and they should treat that honor with the respect and dignity that it deserves.

Doherty’s initial decision to keep Ciccone’s contributions attracted negative reviews from some local political observers.

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