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Doherty ramps up the return fire at Gemma

April 16, 2012

Republican Brendan Doherty’s campaign offered a mild response after Doherty was targeted by Democrat Anthony Gemma yesterday as being “in a bubble” and for purportedly having “no clue about the problems that face Rhode Islanders.” Doherty is now returning fire.

Mr. Gemma’s comments are an insult to countless hard working people throughout Rhode Island who have committed themselves to public service. To dismiss public service as living “in a bubble” and clueless about the challenges facing our state is demeaning to the police and firefighters of Providence, who have had to accept financial concessions as a result of the city’s overwhelming fiscal crisis, the retired workers in Central Falls, whose penions have been slashed and the Providence teachers who received termination notices last year. The attitude completely ignore the impact of Rhode Island’s fiscal crisis on these working families.

Doherty goes on to say that he conserved tax dollars as the former head of hte state police.

Mr. Gemma may believe he possesses special kn0wledge that is beyond the comprehension of regular Rhode Islanders. But making a healthy living for himself hardly qualifies to be a leader for our state.

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  1. Mister Guy permalink
    April 17, 2012 6:12 pm

    “and the Providence teachers who received termination notices last year”

    …and then were promptly hired back again. Please…those kind of moves by school departments are almost always about politicial gamesmanship & not much else.

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