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Mayor Taveras to unveil budget April 23rd

April 17, 2012

Mayor Angel Taveras will submit his budget for the fiscal year that begins in July on Monday, April 23 at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

“I invite you to join me at City Hall …as I present the budget to the city council and lay out my vision to survive this immediate crisis an d position Providence to thrive for  years to come,’’ said Taveras in a news release.

“I understand the challenges we face and I will continue to make the tough, transparent choices to get our fiscal house in order,’’ said Taveras. “As we push forward as one city, we will make progress on the broad but ambitious goals we have set together.’’

The mayor says he will lay out a budget that focuses on education, public safety and making the capital city “a move livable and more sustainable city for today’s residents and tomorrow’s.’’

“As I said several months ago in my state of the city address, I believe the city’s brightest days are born of the darkest nights,’’ said Taveras. “I believe in Providence and I have hope in our resilient history.’’



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