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AG Kilmartin backs Woonsocket officials in scrap over WWI memorial

May 2, 2012

Attorney General Peter Kilmartin is rallying behind Woonsocket’s elected officials in the debate over a World War I memorial:

Kilmartin applauded Woonsocket Mayor Leo Fontaine, the Woonsocket City Council and the City of Woonsocket for preparing to fight the attack by the group Freedom From Religion Foundation (“FFRF”) which has called for the removal of the World War I and World War II monument located on municipal property located at Place Jolicoeur. 

“The FFRF apparently has taken the myopic view that because it saw a cross, the monument is solely a religious symbol and should be removed,” said Kilmartin.  “By taking this view, they clearly have chosen to diminish the monument’s significance in honoring the sacrifices the Jolicoeur and Gagne family members made in dying while defending our country, ironically so groups like the FFRF can even exist.  This monument transcends religion and the call to remove it is an affront to all veterans.  Our national cemeteries are filled with grave markers including the cross and the Star of David.  Should they be removed also?

On a related note, Woonsocket’s supplemental tax hike is due for Senate consideration this afternoon.

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