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Taveras says he’ll veto efforts to weaken Providence pension overhaul

May 3, 2012

David Ortiz, spokesman for Providence Mayor Angel Taveras, just offered this statement in response to the move by Councilors Terry Hassett and John Igliozzi to undo at least part of the pension overhaul they backed Monday:

“Mayor Taveras vows to veto any attempt to water down the Providence Pension Protection Plan. The council’s unanimous vote to pass comprehensive pension reform and save the capital city from bankruptcy took political courage. Now is not the time to retreat.

 A week ago, City Council members spoke at length about the necessary work required to save the city’s pension system. It is disappointing that Councilmen Igliozzi and Hassett, with their combined 25 years of experience on the Council, would so quickly cower to those who want to preserve a broken and unsustainable system that is bankrupting our city.”

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