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Taveras: Providence doesn’t need leadership “stuck in the past”

May 7, 2012

Amid an upheaval on the City Council that will keep embattled Finance Committee chairman John Igliozzi in place, Providence Mayor Angel Taveras is excoriating councilors who would preserve the status quo on pensions.

“I’ll leave the City Council to make [its own] decisions, but we need leadership that’s forward-looking, not leadership that’s stuck in the past,” Taveras said this morning while walking into an education event in the House chamber at the Statehouse.

Taveras didn’t more directly answer my question of whether he supports ousting Igliozzi as chairman of the Providence City Council’s Finance Committee. Dan McGowan reported that Igliozzi was poised to keep the post after the council’s seven-member minority pushed back against the eight-member majority

“I’m committed to pension reform, I’ve said that from day one — my actions reflected that — I’ll do whatever I have to do to make sure that the City of Providence moves forward, not backwards,” Taveras said.

In related news, Council President Michael Solomon has issued a statement indicating Igliozzi will remain as Finance chairman:

“During the weekend, I had several meetings and conversations with Councilman Igliozzi regarding his announcement last week that he would attempt to amend the pension ordinance that recently passed with his support, as well as other matters.

There is no greater vote that the council has taken than the vote last week to save Providence from fiscal ruin. I expressed this sentiment to John along with my sincere disappointment in his actions last week. During these meetings, John conveyed to me that he would abandon his initiative to amend the pension ordinance.”

As a result, the Finance Committee meeting this evening to elect a new chairman, planned on Friday, is expected to be cancelled.

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