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Gemma names nonprofit veteran as campaign manager

May 30, 2012

After things didn’t work out with Chris Nocera, CD1 Democratic hopeful Anthony Gemma has settled on Michelle Place Gleason as his campaign manager.

 “With more than 25 years of experience in state Democratic politics, she is powerfully equipped to manage a campaign that seeks simultaneously to work within that system and to change it for the better,” said Mr. Gemma. “Michelle brings a unique combination of sophistication and common sense to our campaign,” he said. 

Mr. Gemma, who is also the founder of the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation, added that he is extremely impressed by Ms. Place Gleason’s record of developing and growing grass roots non-profit groups.  “Her work with cultural, environmental, educational, and historical organizations, when combined with her expertise in communications, volunteer organization, and grant writing, make her the natural choice for leading my diverse, eclectically gifted campaign staff.

Ms. Place Gleason is President of the Warwick Museum of Art, Chair of Warwick’s Ward 9 Democratic Committee, Executive Director of the Rhode Film Collaborative, organizer and committee member of Save the Bay’s fundraiser, and Board Member of Leuthi Peterson International Camps in Rhode Island and Switzerland.

She has served as Learning Center Coordinator for Crossroads RI and Account Executive at Lighthouse Communications, and has delivered for Meals on Wheels in Providence and in Sydney, Australia. 

“It was Anthony Gemma’s professional competence and personal integrity that initially drew me to his campaign,” Ms. Place Gleason noted.  “He stands for the basic values of the Democratic Party, and he demonstrates the courage of his convictions when he speaks truth not only to power, but also to the people.  I’m proud to be a part of Gemma for Congress 2012 and all it stands for.”

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  1. Mark Gagnon permalink
    May 30, 2012 6:25 pm

    Is this campaign manager going to continue the gemma campaign approach of ignoring media at press conferences? Does she have to bow in the presence of the all great Anthony Gemma who graced us with his presence in this campaign?

  2. Mister Guy permalink
    June 1, 2012 3:11 am

    Remember folks…”it’s a two-person race”…lol…

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