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Koller plans to be in DC for the big SCOTUS decision on Thursday

June 25, 2012

State Health Insurance Commissioner Christopher Koller plans to camp somewhere in the vicinity of the US Supreme Court when the court is expected to issue its highly anticipated decision Thursday morning on the Affordable Care Act.

“I have to talk to some folks to figure out what’s [best] — I’m not a Washington insider, so I don’t know whether you wait on the Supreme Court steps for that sort of thing, or if  there are other colleagues — either among insurance commissioners or some of my colleagues from Rhode Island — and where they’ll be gathering as well.”

Koller will be in Washington Wednesday for a meeting of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ healthcare committee.

He says he’s taking a keen interest in the Supreme Court decision:

“I’m interested in it as a citizen. This is the most significant piece of social policy legislation in the last 45 years that’s addressing a  problem that’s bedeviled us for longer, and is only going to get worse. And then I’m interested as a public official for the people of Rhode Island.”

Koller declined to predict how the Supreme Court will rule on the issue.

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