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Whitehouse campaign says it raised 450K+ in Q2; 3.5M+ COH

July 12, 2012

No surprise here, but Sheldon Whitehouse isn’t hurting for cash as he gets into campaign mode:

Whitehouse for Senate today announced that it will report over $3.5 million cash on hand for Senator Whitehouse’s re-election campaign, after raising more than $450,000 in the second fundraising quarter of 2012. In addition, the grassroots campaign has submitted over 3,500 nomination signatures from people representing every city and town across Rhode Island so the Senator can appear on the ballot in November.  

“People across Rhode Island have seen Senator Whitehouse fight hard for middle class values,” said Tony Simon, Campaign Manager. “Whether it’s working to protect Social Security and Medicare for our seniors, fighting efforts to slash Pell Grants and raise interest rates on student loans, or authoring legislation so the super rich pay their fair share in taxes, Senator Whitehouse has delivered for our state. And the grassroots support is showing in our campaign.”

On July 3, the process began of collecting nomination signatures so the Senator can appear on the ballot in November. In order to appear on the ballot, the campaign must collect 1,000 valid signatures of registered Rhode Island voters. Today, the campaign also announced that they have turned in over 3,500 signatures to local Boards of Canvassers across the state for their consideration.

“It’s an incredible honor to represent our great Ocean State in the Senate and I continue to be humbled by the support I’ve received from every corner of Rhode Island in this grassroots campaign to protect middle class values,” said Whitehouse.  “Rhode Islanders can count on me to keep fighting for the policies and principles we believe in: putting people back to work, protecting Social Security and Medicare, defending Pell Grants, ending tax giveaways for big oil corporations, and so much more.”

Republican Barry Hinckley is challenging Whitehouse in November.

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