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Doherty + Cicilline trade shots over Bain Capital

July 19, 2012

The campaigns of Republican challenger Brendan Doherty and Democratic Congressman David Cicilline are trading shots on a topic related to Mitt Romney’s former company, Bain Capital.

Doherty’s campaign used a news release this morning to rap Cicilline:

The Doherty for Congress Campaign today called on incumbent Congressman David Cicilline to return all campaign contributions from Jonathan Lavine, Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer of Bain Capital, and Jeanne Lavine, both of Weston, Massachusetts, in light of Cicilline’s recent criticism of Bain Capital for “outsourcing American jobs.”

“Congressman Cicilline talks frequently about his interest in promoting American jobs and against outsourcing them,” said Doherty’s Campaign Manager Ian Prior. “Having recently criticized Bain Capital for engaging in the business of outsourcing American jobs, it seems completely hypocritical for the incumbent Congressman to have accepted $5,000.00 in campaign contributions in this election cycle from individuals whose livelihoods come from Bain Capital.”

Cicilline’s campaign manager, Eric Hyers, responds by calling Doherty’s rap a distraction from how the Republican would represent Rhode Island in Congress:

“What he’ll do in Washington on day one is to vote to put back into power the Tea Party-backed Republican leadership that has fought to keep in place tax cuts for companies that ship American jobs overseas.”

Hyers says Lavine is a longtime family friend of Cicilline, and that one couple’s political contributions pale in comparison to supporting the policies of Mitt Romney.

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  1. Mister Guy permalink
    July 20, 2012 8:10 pm

    Another swing & a miss by the Doherty campaign.


  1. Progress Report: Helping Homeless Good for Taxpayers, Protect Block Island from Projo Editorial Board, Bain Debate Comes to RI

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