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The curious campaign of Anthony Gemma (cont’d)

July 26, 2012

First, Anthony Gemma wouldn’t take questions from reporters at his campaign announcement.

Despite a number of inquiries, Gemma has declined to appear on RIPR’s Political Roundtable — which has attracted the likes of Don Carcieri, Lincoln Chafee, Gordon Fox, John Loughlin, David Cicilline, Mark Zaccaria, and just about any other name-brand elected official/politico/pundit in Rhode Island.

And now Politico is picking up on how Gemma has more Twitter followers than Mitt Romney (h/t Ted Nesi), not to mention a lot of Facebook connections.

Gemma now has more than 519,000 Facebook fans —10 times more fans than the number of votes he received in his 2010 primary loss to Cicilline. It’s a seat Patrick Kennedy held for eight terms in a heavily Democratic area, and this time Gemma has a better shot because Cicilline’s approval ratings are spectacularly low.

But the small-town plumbing executive and self-described “social media guru” declined through his campaign staff to explain how he accumulated so many social media followers so fast. “The campaign does not comment on our social media strategy,” campaign spokesman Alex Morash said in an email.

[UPDATE: Samuel G. Howard of RI’s Future was on this trail months ago.]

It’s enough to make you wonder what to expect before the primary vote on September 11.

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  1. July 27, 2012 3:07 pm

    No mystery, Gemma & his staff have taken social media seriously. He “followed” me first – which made me grin! His Tweets are connectors flowing wide tastes and tax brackets – thus – his followers cherry pick from him in order to follow each other. He’s likely monetized, which is how to do it. Anthony Gemma focused purposely to use the tools that cost very little and gain high results. Osmosis from Social Media into Ballot results for THIS campaign season may be a muscle building exercise for later.


  1. Politico Shows Why RI Future Matters

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