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Johnston’s Polisena says he bulked up his campaign account to fend off the firefighters’ union

August 3, 2012

 It might not be Raimondo-like, but Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena buttressed one of the state’s 10-largest campaign accounts ($135,242) by adding close to $40,000 in Q2. Some might wonder if this suggests a statewide run for 2014. Polisena says, not so much.

Here’s how the mayor explained his war chest, during an interview broadcast this morning on RIPR:

Fundraising is basically a necessary evil. The last election, I had the fire union really go to the wall to try to unseat me, and you have to be prepared.

Obviously, I’m not giving the fire union what they want, they get mad, and my opponent spent almost $95,000 two years ago, so you have to be ready . . . If you want to fend off the fire union like we did two years ago, you have to have enough funds to do that.

So is he ruling out a statewide run for 2014?

Well, I never say never, but at this point in time I’m very happy doing what I’m doing in Johnston.

As a matter of fact, I am proposing this election for the voters to put in two four-year terms, with term limits, so we’re looking at that. I think that will be the first time in history in Johnston.

Polisena also warned during the interview that more cities and towns will face financial meltdowns without help from the General Assembly.

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