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Cicilline, Gemma camps use Ryan pick to try to nationalize the RI-CD1 race against Doherty

August 11, 2012

The Democratic campaigns of Congressman David Cicilline and Anthony Gemma are using Mitt Romney’s VP pick of House Budget chairman Paul Ryan in an attempt to discredit Republican challenger Brendan Doherty. As I wrote early in the campaign season, this fits into the Democratic narrative of trying to make the CD1 race focused on national, rather than local issues; a fundraising pitch by Cicilline in February actually focused on Ryan.

Cicilline campaign manager Eric Hyers issued this statement:

“The fact that Mitt Romney just selected the architect of the plan to end the  guarantee of Medicare to be his running mate shows just how far-right the Republican Party has become.  The prospect of Romney and Ryan in the White House makes it even more critical that we don’t send more Republicans like Brendan Doherty to Congress to strengthen the Republican majority.  Brendan Doherty was an early endorser of Mitt Romney and has said he applauds Paul Ryan and has said the Ryan Plan is a “prudent approach,” and the last thing Rhode Islanders need in Washington is one more vote to advance the Republicans’ far-right agenda that is bad for seniors, women, and the middle class.”

Gemma, meanwhile, offers this:

“Mitt Romney’s selection of seven-term Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan to be his running mate amounts to a giant concession to the most conservative wing of the Republican Party.  Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, has put forward a deficit reduction plan he calls the “Roadmap for America’s Future.”  Under its terms, the top tax rates would be cut to 25 percent from 35 percent, all taxes on capital gains, interest, and stock dividends would be eliminated, Social Security would be privatized, and Medicare would be turned into a voucher.  It is impossible to think of a more disastrous course to chart for America – a course that would take us backward in time, through the horrors of Bush II and Reaganomics, all the way to a pre-New Deal era that would harm the Middle Class and abandon the neediest members of our society, especially senior citizens.”
Doherty’s campaign has yet to issue a statement on Romney’s selection of Ryan.
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  1. Nicole permalink
    August 12, 2012 5:59 am

    Very, very funy.


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