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Hinckley to mount $500,000 media buy in race against Sen. Whitehouse

August 21, 2012

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Barry Hinckley’s campaign says he has made an advertising buy of about $500,000 in broadcast, radio and cable television time.

Republican Hinckley, of Newport, says the advertising will begin Aug. 29 and run through Election Day, Nov. 6, in his campaign to unseat incumbent Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse.

“It has been an extremely hard fought campaign thus far and now we are starting to see the fruits of our labor,’’ said Patrick Sweeney, Hinckley’s campaign manager. “Not only are the polls closing in our favor, but we have the energy and grassroots support we need to make the final push in these last 77 days.’’

Tony Simon, Whitehouse ‘s campaign manager,   said the campaign is not ready to announce its paid media strategy for the campaign.

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  1. August 22, 2012 3:52 pm

    A SuperPac phone survey from a McLoughlin (sp) Group called last night asking me to participate in a “bi-partisan” voter survey. Two questions in, and I could tell that it was GOP base funded. Barry Hinkcley would do well to call this Virginia Beach based Pac and listen to the survey questions to CHANGE THEM. He comes off like SUCH an idiot, and I don’t know if he is one or not!

    As an Independent voter, there was NO middle ground, there were no Facts to chose any place to stand but outer space. The questions for Obama or Romney were scary spun lies, asking me to chose between: Death Panel options contained in the current “ObamaCare”, or having ObamaCare repealed all together. Do I want to tax small businesses, or do I want to create jobs? Do I think illegal immigrants are a bigger issue than the economy? What did I think of Obama bailing out the banks? I said, “WHAT?! Bush did that!” At this point I asked if Michelle Bachmann or Gretchen Carlson wrote the questions. One question was actually worded: “Would you say you are Pro-Llife or Pro-Abortion?” My reply was, “Even without my uterus since 1998, I am pro-CHOICE. Got any questions on Gay Marriage, please, please?” Sadly, there were none.

    The only question I had real difficulty giving a straight answer on was – “Who was more trust worthy to step into the Presidency – Paul Ryan, or Joe Biden?”

    The questions between posing Barry Hinckley against Sheldon Whitehouse were non-substantive comparing a ‘career politician’ for a more business sector/job creator.

    There simply was no proper reply to most of these questions except “SKIP”. Several times there were questions about WHO I am voting for. I said to each attempt, “NoneYa!” The phone worker asked who NoneYa was, and I said, “None Ya Business!” At an early point survey operator had gotten used to and giggled at my replies the further into the survey we got. I was giving her my best ‘What Would Jon Stewart Say’ answers. At one question, I sighed heavily and told her I was glad she had a paying job. She said she needed the gig.

    This survey was surreal and absurd. As I had no idea who Hinckley was at the start of the survey. Based on his buddies at Mcloughlin Group SuperPac, I GET who he is now.

  2. Donna permalink
    August 22, 2012 7:58 pm

    SuperPacs don’t have any thing to do with the candidates, they base every thing off of polling numbers and who is in the race so that they can defeat a certain candidate. Apparently this survey was done by some people who, like many others out there, don’t like Sheldon Whitehouse as a Senator. You can’t blame Hinckley for people out there not liking Sheldon Whitehouse, lol. I agree that these are silly survey’s but that comes with politics in America… SuperPACs are not allowed to even talk to campaigns. A lot of people seem to be throwing money around to get some polling information. I met Hinckley a few times and can say that he is a solid candidate fiscally and I am socially liberal so it’s nice to meet a candidate who is fiscally conservative as well as pro-Choice and pro-equal rights. Sheldon is just a super rich, elitist guy who will say any thing to get the status and power… he is the perfect example of the 1%.. he voted to bail out wall street and saved tons of money in the market with insider trading tips while sending tons of tax dollars to bail out the financial sector.

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