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Providence 5th graders make The Nation

September 6, 2012

It is rare that 5th graders are featured in the lead of the letters section of a major political media outlet. But that is what happened in the most recent issue of the Nation, that liberal publication of politcs and arts.

Turns out that 5th graders from the Reservoir Elementary School have written an eloquent letter to the Nation. “Reservoir is a poor school community, but we have accomplished many academic goals. We are as good or better than 93 schools in our state. Our school of 312 students is 75 percent Latino, 16 percent Asian, 8 percent African-American and 1 percent other.’’

The students’ letter says that students asked their principal: “Why are  we still at war even after Osama bin Laden has been killed.’’

“She told us about you and how you asked a similar question in your magazine. The next day we were introduced to your editorial from May 23, 2011, titled `After bin Laden.’ Eleven of us met in the principal’s office to read and discuss it.’’

The letter gores on to say that some students had trouble reading the editorial. “Some of us felt like low-level readers because many of the words were new to us.’’

After plowing through the editorial, the children came to the conclusion that “The Bush administration started a war on terror that is infinite.’’

Yet, the students concluded that the Obama administration is reducing U.S. forces abroad and closing a “dark chapter in American history.’’

Then the students thank the Nation editors for “writing this editorial and challenging us to discover more about current events. We hope people take your advice and increase communication globally to stop conflicts.’’

The letter is signed by: Ivan Davila, Iziha Ortiz, Jason Hernandez, Elianix Logo, Zechariah Toppin-White, Shyloc Ork, Sergio Liranzo, Jovan Cabreja, D’zire Scott, James Dorante Jr., and Issac Bun.

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