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Zaccaria defends Carcieri on 38 Studios; thinks ex-gov will speak to range of media

September 6, 2012

Some members of the local fourth estate think former Governor Don Carcieri will seek a sympathetic audience — a talk radio host, for example — when he breaks his silence on the state’s disastrous involvement with 38 Studios.

But state Republican chairman Mark Zaccaria believes Carcieri will make himself available to a range of media.

“I don’t think that the governor will intentionally restrict himself to one segment  or another of the media,” Zaccaria said during an interviews set to air tomorrow morning on RIPR (6:40 and 8:40). “I think he’ll respond to invitations as they come.”

Time will tell.

Separately, during RIPR’s Political Roundtable (airing tomorrow at 5:40 and 7:40 am), Zaccaria defended Carcieri for his support of 38 Studios.

“I believe that the business plan that governor Carcieri forwarded to EDC [the state Economic Development Corporation] was not the plan that came out of the speaker’s office in the dark of night, to be passed right at the end of the [2010] session. We can argue that for a long period time.

And I would argue that Governor Chafee is at least, in part, responsible for not having some kind of accounting official there at the [38 Studios] location at all times to know a little before all the money was gone that things were going wrong.”

Carcieri indicated during last week’s Republican National Convention that he’ll break his silence on 38 Studios.

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