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Doherty to unveil “his top 10 list” of Cicilline’s “most serious lies”

September 11, 2012

UPDATE: Hyers responds; says Doherty resorting to “vicious and personal attacks”

Here’s the entire response from Cicilline campaign manager Eric Hyers to the Doherty news release outlined below:

“It is clear that the Doherty campaign knows that they are in an extremely tight race and are resorting to tired, vicious and personal attacks that we can expect to hear for the next eight weeks if David is successful tonight. The fact is, Mr. Doherty is a Romney Republican who is on the wrong side of virtually every issue important to Rhode Islanders. He wants to continue giving tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires, is pro-life while David is pro-choice, and wants raise the Social Security eligibility age for working men and women in our state.”


Brendan Doherty’s congressional campaign intends to adopt a tough approach tomorrow toward David Cicilline, following today’s primary, according to a news release received by RIPR.

Cicilline has defended his management of Providence during two terms as mayor, saying he moved the city forward in many ways. He has also apologized for saying the city was in “excellent” condition in late 2010, acknowledging the city was in worse shape.

Here’s the entire news release from the Doherty campaign, labeled as a “draft” in an email received by RIPR.

East Providence, RI. Brendan Doherty, candidate for Congress from Rhode Island’s First Congressional District, opened the post-primary campaign demanding his opponent, Democrat David Cicilline, finally tell the truth.  Doherty unveiled his Top Ten list of Cicilline deceptions or questionable behavior that he has not fully explained and has lied about in explaining them.

In releasing his Top Ten list, with Providence in the background, Doherty said, “Mr. Cicilline, THE most important issue in a representative democracy is whether people can TRUST their representatives. You have shown yourself to be untrustworthy and therefore unqualified to represent the people of Rhode Island. This election will be about issues–trust being the most important.”

Among the deceptions Doherty listed was the now-legendary lie he told two years ago before his last election, that, as mayor, he was leaving Providence in “excellent financial condition.” He hid the fact that Providence was near bankruptcy, facing a $110-million dollar deficit. Doherty posed the question that many reporters have struggled to get Cicilline to answer truthfully: “Will you finally admit to what we all know was an intentional deception to get elected?”

Doherty relentlessly challenged him to come clean on:

  • Blocking the city auditor from finding out in just how bad the city’s financial condition was as Cicilline was leaving office.
  • Intentionally missing financial reporting deadlines to keep an outside auditor in the dark about the city’s near bankruptcy until after the election.
  • A campaign worker getting a $103,000 taxpayer funded loan that was never paid back.
  • Passing out pamphlets that intentionally misrepresent Doherty’s position on Social Security to scare senior citizens.
  • And this list goes on. (See attachments.)

Using two sets of charts, Doherty listed Cicilline’s deceptions.  One of the charts compared Cicilline’s deceptions with “the truth.”  Doherty accused the ex-mayor of trying to dodge Cicilline’s biggest liability: the “truth factor.”  To win points, Doherty charged Cicilline with misrepresenting Doherty’s well-respected positions on Social Security, Medicare and taxes.  In another fabrication, Cicilline tries to tie Doherty to the conservative wing of the Republican party–a label Doherty rejects because it is simply not true.

Doherty vowed, “I will never let David Cicilline get away with lying about himself, Providence, me or the elderly.  I have an 85 year old mother in poor health.  When I think of Medicare and Social Security…I think of her and others like her.  I will defend my mom, Medicare and Social Security with both my vote as a Congressman and with my life.

Doherty concluded by saying, “I am my own man.  I will go to Congress and work for one boss–the people of the First District of Rhode Island. Period.  And that is the truth.

The attachments referred to in the news release were not included in the news release. I’m seeking reaction from the Cicilline campaign.

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