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Doherty raps Cicilline, seizes on the trust issue

September 12, 2012

 Brendan Doherty this morning used a lookout on the East Bay Bike Path in Riverside — with a nice view of downtown Providence — to argue that Congressman David Cicilline doesn’t deserve the trust of voters.

Doherty unveiled a Lettermanesque top-10 list “of David Cicilline’s “most serious deceptions” (changed from the “most serious lies” cited in a draft news release detailed yesterday by RIPR.) The topics include:

— Cicilline’s description during an October 2010 TV debate of Providence’s supposedly “excellent” fiscal condition;

— How Ken Wild, chief of staff for Jim Langevin, claimed Cicilline’s office “hijacked the entire congressional redistricting process.”

— A mischaracterization, documented by the ProJo’s PolitiFact, in which Cicilline “falsely represented my position on Social Security.”

Cicilline last night linked Doherty with Republicans near and far. For his part, Doherty denied he intends to go after Medicare and Social Security. Instead, he offered this message:

“I’m my own man, folks. I’ll go to Congress and I’ll work for one boss, the people of the First District of Rhode Island. I will not bow to any political pressure, and I will be guided by the best interests of Rhode Island.”

Asked last night about Doherty’s rap that he’s not trustworthy, Cicilline responding by offering this outline of the GOP agenda in Washington:

“End the guarantee of Medicare, roll back rights for women’s reproductive health, provide subsidies for big oil, undermine the middle class, and I think what Rhode Islanders are ultimately going to decide is, who do they trust to go to Washington and fight for them and fight for their families.”

Watch for much more of these competing frames — trustworthiness vs. the policies of the national GOP — as the campaign continues.

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  1. Mister Guy permalink
    September 13, 2012 12:23 am

    What Mr. Doherty needs to realize is that, to a large extent, one can’t be one’s own man when one goes to Washington, D.C.. The pressure to vote with one’s Party or suffer the consequences can get to be pretty strong on many key issues of the day. The sooner that he realizes that & is honest with the voters of RI about how he specifically feels about the issues of the day, the sooner he will have a real chance to be RI’s next congressman from the First District.

  2. J. Ferreira permalink
    September 13, 2012 4:44 pm

    I will grant you that Mr. Doherty is apparently far, far more honest than Mr. Cicilline based on the Providence financial fiasco. I also grant that the economic issues at hand are vitally important in the state and the nation and that they need to be addressed directly.

    However, as a gay man with a partner, I cannot bring myself to support ANY politician, regardless of party, who will vote to uphold discrimination against gays, women, minorities, etc., and that is precisely what Mr. Doherty will do. He opposes doing away with DOMA, he wants to overturn Roe v. Wade and he’ll vote to disrupt countless millions of lives by supporting the GOP agenda on illegal immigrants – to wit, throw the bums out rather than find a way to differentiate between those who are and have been productive members of our society and those who have become leeches. Until Mr. Doherty unequivocally ditches his social conservatism and joins the true Yankee moderate republicans, I will vote for the compassionate liar over the honest discriminator.


  1. New Cicilline spot links Doherty with Romney « On Politics

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