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Unsurprising: Cicilline set for more, not fewer, TV debates

September 18, 2012

Congressional incumbents tend to limit their appearances in debates. The thinking can be boiled down to: why give your opponent more, not fewer, opportunities to duke it out?

But David Cicilline, a good talker, is drawing attention to his intention to meet Republican Brendan Doherty in a series of televised debates:

David Cicilline’s campaign today announced it is committed to attending three televised debates on Channel 6, 10, and 12, and hopes Brendan Doherty’s team does the same.  With only seven weeks until the election and such a huge choice facing Rhode Islanders, it is important that the voters have these opportunities to compare the two candidates and hear from each of them where they want to take the country.

No word yet from the Doherty campaign on their intentions for these debates. Doherty spokesman Dave Layman says the Republican plans to participate in each of the broadcast debates. “There is a date conflict between Channels 12 and 6,” he says, via e-mail, “but we’re sure that will be worked out.”

Disclosure: RI Public Radio is partnering with ABC6 on its debates.

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