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Brown survey: Providence voters bullish on Taveras, less so on schools

September 26, 2012

Brown University’s Taubman Center is out with a new Providence-based survey. Some highlights:

— Mayor Angel Taveras has a 60 percent approval rating in the survey of 425 registered voters, up 10 points from last year, according to Brown. (MoE is just under five percentage points.)

— President Obama’s approval rating in Providence is 68 percent.

— The best-rated municipal service in Providence is . . . . fire and ambulance service (85.9 percent of respondents are satisified or very satisfied); followed by garbage collection (82.8 percent); neighborhood parks (71.1 percent); police (64.9 percent); upkeep of roads (58.8 percent); and public schools (36.1 percent).

— Just under 46 percent of respondents favor raising the retirement age for public employees to reduce Providence’s unfunded pension liability, while just under 44 percent oppose that. Almost 49 percent of Providence residents support eliminating pension cost of living adjustments, while 35 percent oppose that.

— Asked about Central Falls, 48 percent of respondents say bankruptcy is a legitimate tool for resolving pension liability issues, while 37 percent disagreed.

— Twenty-two percent of those surveyed said their financial situation is better than one year ago. Seventy-eight percent say they expect their finances to stay the same or get better over the next year. 

Brown is set to hold an October 25 conference, “Pensions in Peril: How Municipalities are Defusing This Fiscal Time Bomb.”

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  1. September 26, 2012 5:19 pm

    Does anyone in the union movement think things might be different if the capital city still had residency for city employees?

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