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Doherty commercial attacks Cicilline’s 2010 remark about Providence’s “excellent” condition

October 8, 2012

Campaign watchers have long anticipated a spot criticizing Congressman David Cicilline’s 2010 evaluation of Providence’s supposedly “excellent” fiscal condition. Republican challenger Brendan Doherty has now launched such a commercial, entitled “Cover Up.”

Via news release, the Doherty campaign says:

“It is important to remind the voters of the First District that David Cicilline not only mismanaged the City of Providence, but also went to extraordinary ends to cover up the City’s troubled finances by effectively blocking the internal auditor from examining the City’s books,” said Doherty. “Even worse, when Cicilline was questioned directly on the City’s finances during a 2010 Congressional debate with his Republican opponent, John Loughlin, he claimed the City was in ‘excellent financial condition’ and even went on to call Loughlin ‘reckless’ for questioning the state of Providence’s finances. This is not the kind of deceptive behavior that should be rewarded with a second ineffective term in Congress.”

“The fact of the matter is that David Cicilline is not serving the interests of the voters – he’s much more interested in serving himself. That is why he covered up his mismanagement of the City of Providence, that is why he lied about it, and that is why he is more concerned with partisan politics than achieving results for the people he is supposed to represent.”

Cicilline went on an apology tour earlier this year to address his overly rosy description of Providence’s fiscal condition while campaigning for Congress in 2010. The freshman Democrat has focused his campaign against Doherty by linking the Republican with other members of the GOP.

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