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Democrats for Doherty: Has-beens or a force?

October 15, 2012

Members of `Democrats for Doherty’ according to the latest release from Brendan Doherty’s campaign for Congress in the 1st District.

Chairwoman of the Democrats for Doherty campaign is former State Rep. Joanne Giannini of Providence.

Other members of the group: Kevin Stacom and Ernie DiGregorio, both standout Providence College basketball players from Dave Gavitt’s legendary 1973 Friar team that went to the Final 4 of the NCAA. Stacom and Enrie D. both went on to NBA careers.

Only two current members of the group are in office: State reps. Rene Menard, D-Lincoln, and Peter Palumbo, D-Cranston. Menard is a lame-duck who lost his reelection primary and Palumbo doesn’t live or vote in the first district.

The other Democrats supporting Doherty are for the most part a collection of has-beens and yesterday’s headliners, including Charlie Baldelli, former Woonsocket mayor; Rick Alger, former Cumberland mayor; Richard Bessette, former Central Falls mayor; Rolland Grant, former East Providence mayor; John Barr, former Lincoln state rep; Joseph Faria, former Central Falls state rep; Patrick Griffin, publican and owner of Patrick’s Pub on Smith Hill; Chick Silva, former Central Falls mayor; Lowell Kinch, former Pawtucket state senator; Donald Large, former rep from Cumberland; Rene Lafayette, former Woonsocket state rep; and Tony Nobrega, former Cumberland state rep.

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  1. tim1999 permalink
    October 15, 2012 6:17 pm

    Hmmm, last time I checked all those has beens and yesterday’s headliners have votes that actually get counted. What Jack Cicilline’s offspring needs to fear is how many registered Democrats want no part of his sleazy act and will “quietly” (no party retribution that way) vote for a stand up guy like Brendan Doherty.

    Scotso what you and your Democratic party ilk like Chuckie Bakst need to realize is there are registered Democrats in Rhode Island who don’t blindly vote for every sleazy dirtbag who comes down the road just because he/she has a D after his/her name.

    It’s called having standards, Scotso. A foreign concept for you liberals.

  2. J. Ferreira permalink
    October 16, 2012 1:32 pm

    And, of course, all of these has-beens are opposed to such socially liberal ideas such as a woman’s access to abortions and gay marriage, so, in fact, these are DINOs more than anything… exactly the type who would be attracted to Doherty.

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