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Fox campaign files Board of Elections complaint over mystery ad

October 26, 2012

House Speaker Gordon Fox’s campaign says it has filed a complaint today with the state Board of Elections today over the radio spot placed by Conneticut resident Harvey Adelberg. Fox’s campaign also says the spot is linked with Fox’s opponent, Mark Binder.

Binder spokesman Peter Kerwin says Fox’s campaign hasn’t made a real connection between Binder’s campaign and the commercial. “We said that we don’t know anything about the ad,” Kerwin says, and that remains the case. 

Kerwin characterized the link between a voiceover announcer on a radio spot and someone buying TV ad time as insignificant. He adds:

While the Fox campaign seems intent on playing a silly game of “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”, Mark Binder is walking the district and talking to voters about the issues that matter in District 4.   

Here’s the full statement from Fox’s campaign:

“There is now a clear connection between the radio attack ad against Gordon Fox and the campaign of opponent Mark Binder, who previously denied any knowledge of the ad.

“The voice on the radio commercial attacking Gordon Fox is that of Rob LaChance, the head of R.J. LaChance Advertising.  The same agency is responsible for placing a television buy with Cox Media for the Binder campaign.  Nancy LaChance of that agency placed a $2,000 buy for Binder on October 16.

“It is also abundantly clear that Mr. Binder and the Connecticut resident behind the radio ad, Harvey Adelberg, have no regard for Rhode Island campaign finance law.  Mr. Binder has broken the law by accepting nearly $4,000 in coordinated expenditures from Mr. Adelberg in an effort to avoid state candidate contribution limits.

“Harvey Adelberg broke the law by submitting a radio ad that did not include sufficient disclaimers and disclosures to WPRO. Mr. Adelberg has also stated to the state Board of Elections under oath that he is not coordinating with Mr. Binder’s campaign, and given the mounting evidence that they are in fact coordinating, he may be subject to criminal penalties for perjury.

“The Fox campaign filed a complaint today with the state Board of Elections stating that the advertisement is a clear violation of Rhode Island General Law.  It notes that despite the fact that subsequent corrective measures were taken, for eight days following the expenditure, no disclosure was made to the state Board of Elections.  Under the law, the disclosure must be made within 24 hours of the expenditure.

“The complaint also charges that the advertisement ran for a number of days without a proper disclosure, leading Rhode Islanders to believe that an advertisement placed by a single Connecticut resident was being sponsored by a group of concerned Rhode Islanders, which is clearly false.

“The complaint also notes there is a clear indication of a coordination between the parties. 

“Despite Binder’s disavowal of knowledge of the radio ad, there is now indisputable evidence that the same gentleman who cut the disparaging radio ad is working for Binder in his campaign. 

“This is the same Mr. LaChance who has worked with multiple Republican campaigns in the past, including associates of Mr. Binder.”

Binder’s campaign has previously denied any connection with the ad.

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