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Dem spokesman rips Doherty campaign; Doherty camp fires back

October 30, 2012

On the same day that the National Republican Congressional Committee put out another attack ad targeting long-ago criminal-defense work by David Cicilline, Brendan Doherty’s campaign offers an upbeat spot with the candidate and his wife.

First, the NRCC commercial:

Now, the Doherty campaign spot:

Bill Fischer, a spokesman for the state Democratic Party, says the NRCC ads on Doherty’s behalf represent what he calls gutter-campaigning. Fischer calls the commercials the nastiest ones he’s seen in the last 20 years in Rhode Island. He says the spots cross a line from negative to personal, and he expects them to backfire on Doherty.

Doherty’s campaign manager, Ian Prior, defends the line of attack in the NRCC ads as legitimate:

 “This was a path that David Cicilline opened up. He essentially called the former colonel of the Rhode Island state police out for what David Cicilline claims as being not strong on women’s rights when in fact Brendan Doherty was fighting for women’s right, was fighting for equality his whole career.

With David Cicilline, you can’t defend some of the worst criminals, and the worst abusers of women, and then change your tune when it’s politically expedient.”   

Meanwhile, the Providence Journal’s PolitiFact finds today that Cicilline supported crime-fighting bills during his time as a state rep on Smith Hill — contrary to the message being offered in part by the NRCC.

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  1. dee dee witman permalink
    October 30, 2012 10:41 pm

    Its about time someone from RI Democratic Party spoke up to criticize Doherty’s ad on Con. Cicilline. No matter what one thinks about David this ad speaks more about Doherty than our congressman. I support David for many reasons and up until this ad I had nothing against Doherty but his anti choice position. As the former colonel of RIST he could have run a campaign about many positive roads he has taken in his career. This ad about David as an attorney is nasty and duplicitous and smacks against the American notion that everyone is entitled to a fair defense. Doherty took a wrong turn and crossed a very real line of fair and honest play. He looks nasty and probably blew any chance he might have had in this race. People should think twice about voting for someone who will say untruthful remarks across the board.

  2. Mister Guy permalink
    November 1, 2012 7:52 am

    “With David Cicilline, you can’t defend some of the worst criminals, and the worst abusers of women”

    …even if they are legally entitled to representation under the U.S. Constitution? Please…these desperate moves by Doherty & his GOP backers just aren’t going to work, period.


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