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Moderate Party founder Ken Block is backing Brendan Doherty + President Obama

November 1, 2012

How many Ken Block-style voters are out there?

That’s a big question, since Block says he plans to split his ticket on Tuesday, voting for President Obama and Republican CD1 candidate Brendan Doherty. If Doherty is going to prevail as Rhode Island’s great GOP hope, he needs tens of thousands of Rhode Islanders to do the same thing.

Block explained his stance during a taping of RIPR’s Bonus Q+A, which will air Friday at 6:40 and 8:40 am:

“I don’t view things through a prism of partisanship, and so I’ve measured what David did and didn’t do over the course of these last two years, and I’m not happy. He was 94 or 95 percent with the straight party vote up there [in Congress], and partisanship on either side of the equation doesn’t work for me. I think you need to be more nuanced in your views.

Brendan has convinced me he’s going to act in a non-partisan way, or as much as he can. and I just don’t think David’s performance deserves to be rewarded in this circumstance. 

When it comes to the presidential race, Block says he’s voting for the incumbent Democratic president. 

“The reason I’m doing it is for a fairly non-standard reason. I don’t want to see the balance of power in the Supreme Court shift any further right than it is.

” You know, a president is only there for four years. The Supreme Court justices are there potentially for a lifetime, and I don’t like some of the decisions that have come down. I hate Citizens United. I wouldn’t want to see that get any worse than it has.”

Regarding a possible repeat gubernatorial run in 2014, Block, with a laugh, says he hasn’t been brave enough to bring it up with his wife yet.

The Mod man also joins us to talk much more during RIPR’s Political Roundtable, airing at 5:40 and 7:40 am Friday.

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  1. J. Ferreira permalink
    November 2, 2012 2:37 pm

    As much as I despise the lying and double-dealing of Cicilline, I cannot in good conscience support Doherty until he UNEQUIVOCALLY declares his intention to actively overturn DOMA so my partnership can be recognized as a marriage as regards federal benefits including joint tax returns. If Richard Tesei can make such a declaration running for the MA 6th, why can’t Doherty. Oh, wait, I forgot, he’s like Sen. President Theresa Paiva-Weed, bought and paid for by Bishop Tobin.

  2. p.McCoy permalink
    November 2, 2012 7:27 pm

    with my ballot already cast I can tell you that I split my support like Block’s (well technically not, due to the electoral college I only vote third party in the Prez election, but I am an Obama Supporter). I just think that Ciclline’s handling of providence means he shouldn’t be in trying to shape the future of the country. if there was any other democrat I’d vote for them but not cicilline. I hope Doherty wins, and then loses in two years to Segal, who should have been nominated the first time around instead of cicilline.

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