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Report: Grand juries set to look at the Institute for International Sport

November 20, 2012

State and federal grand juries have been created to probe the nonprofit Institute for International Sport, according to a report yesterday in the Hartford Courant.

The Institute for International Sport, which owns two buildings — one finished and one unfinished — on the University of Rhode Island campus was founded in 1986. It runs programs for teenagers around the world, including the 2011 World Scholar-Athlete Games and World Youth Peace Summit in West Hartford. […]

State police began investigating the institute in February after a Rhode Island lawmaker forwarded the department a report regarding a state audit that revealed institute couldn’t show how it spent a $575,000 grant it received from the state.

As parts of its investigation, state police searched both the institute and [Daniel] Doyle’s West Hartford home, removing boxes of documents as evidence.

 Doyle is the founder of the institute.

Jim Martin, spokesman for the US attorney’s office, declined comment on whether a federal grand jury has been established to probe the institute. Amy Kempe, spokeswoman for Attorney General Peter Kilmartin, also declined comment.

 Doyle’s lawyer, Peter DiBiase, couldn’t be reached for comment.

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  1. Pete permalink
    November 20, 2012 5:05 pm

    Always wondered why the US Attorney’s office has a spokesperson. They never comment (or say anything). Hope this Martin guy doesn’t make too much of our taxpayer money. Maybe he can sweep the hallways to earn his dough.

  2. November 20, 2012 8:30 pm

    That’s a little harsh, eh, Pete? Spokespeople for investigative agencies aren’t supposed to be overly talkative. Yet they still have job-related responsibilities.

  3. Pete permalink
    November 21, 2012 3:26 pm

    If they’re not overly talkative, why do we need them? Would love to know the “job related responsibilities” of a “spokesman” that never says anything. Just sayin.

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