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de Ramel still “seriously considering” secretary of state run in 2014

November 27, 2012

Guillaume de Ramel, who lost the 2006 Democratic primary for secretary of state to Ralph Mollis, says he’s continuing to take a hard look at a run for the office in 2014.

“I’m still very seriously considering it,” says de Ramel. He adds that he’s been talking to John Palangio, who served as director of executive operations when Patrick Lynch was attorney general, about helming his campaign. In July, de Ramel said he would raise his focus on making a decision after the November presidential election.

de Ramel declined to specify a timeline for making an announcement, and says, “I don’t want to say yet” whether he’s made up his mind on a run. “We’re just at the very beginning of trying to get more serious about this,” he says. “We’re still two years away from the actual election.”

de Ramel says he isn’t concerned about a possible run for secretary of state by state Democratic chairman Edwin Pacheco, whose possible interest was reported by the ProJo. Other prospective candidates include Providence city councilor Terry Hassett, state Representative Deb Ruggiero, and state Senator Juan Pichardo. 

de Ramel says he remains proud of how he ran a close challenge to Mollis with his campaign manager, the late Tony Marcella, in 2006, coming wthin about 5000 votes of winning, in a race where fewer than 80,000 people voted. That shows, he says, he’s not just “Gulliaume from Newport,” but rather, “Guillaume who ran a good race, a great race” against a Democrat backed by the party establishment.

de Ramel is a real estate investor and director of F.H. Prince & Co. He’s also involved with charitable and civic activities, including serving on the board of the Coastal Resources Management Council.

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