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Taveras, other mayors plan gun buyback effort in January

December 20, 2012

Providence Mayor Angel Taveras says he plans to join other mayors across the state in staging a gun buy-back program on a yet-to-be-determined date in January.

“If we can avoid just one accident, one instance, it’s well worth it to me to have the buy-back,” Taveras said in an interview. “I’ve seen violence and what it can do to a community — obviously seen it first-hand here in Providence.”

Taveras says he also plans to work on strengthening gun laws, both federally and in Rhode Island, the latter of which are considered less stringent than those in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

He says a concerted effort by a small number of people can be a powerful counter-force to the lobbying might of the 4 million-member NRA.

Taveras says the buy-back is a response to last week’s school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, and also part of efforts to reduce violence in Providence.

Earlier this week, City Council Majority Leader Seth Yurdin called for a ban on semiautomatic weapons, including pistols, in Providence.

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